Areas of operations
We perform enforcement actions and process serving effectively, covering the entire area of the Republic of Slovenia. While performing enforcement actions, we charge travel expenses from the headquarters of the court of jurisdiction.

Working methods
Collections processes
Upon receiving the documents, we first perform an investigation regarding the information of the debtor (the state of their assets, their real address, employment, etc.). After this, we undertake the first visit and attempt seizure within the normal working hours of the bailiff (from 8 AM to 4 PM), while undertaking additional investigations in the field. If we cannot effect the fulfillment of the claim based upon the enforcement claim, or we cannot come to an agreement regarding payment, we undertake a second visit in the afternoon time (from 4 PM to 10 PM) to perform a seizure. If the debtor does not voluntarily perform his duties, or tries to prevent us from entering the premises, we obtain a court order for forcible entry and perform the seizure with the assistance of the police and a locksmith.

We generally take the assets seized and store them at our warehouse at the Dekani 3a address in Dekani (Kemiplas company), where we have rented 200 m2 of covered spaces and 300 m2 of outside spaces, all protected 24 hours a day through our security company. Our contractual partner, with whom we have been cooperating for quite some time, takes care of the transportation of the belongings coming in or going out. Auctions are published within the legal timeframes allowable per law, and are published at the court of jurisdiction as well as on our website If needed or requested, we can also publish them in the media.

If special circumstances exist, or if there is a danger of the debtor hiding his assets, we first (while possessing the enforcement order of the court of jurisdiction) attempt seizure with a forcible entry to the debtor's premises. The enforcement actions of clearances, allowances, suspensions of certain actions, temporary and preliminary court orders are generally first priority.

Process serving
The first attempt at process serving is undertaken within 3 days of the receipt of order at the address of the addressee. If we cannot serve the addressee, we repeat the process within 5 days of the first attempt (if the process serving has to conform to the ZPP, we perform a fictitious serving). If we determine that the addressee has moved, we notify the client in a report and upon agreement, investigate the new residence and perform the process serving at the acquired address. If the process service cannot be performed (personal service in line with the ZKP), we detail and explain our findings, and within 5 days of the process service attempt, issue a report to the client regarding process service and provide our recommendations. In the case of a successful process service, we attach our signed proof of service. In the case of the addressee not being willing to accept the process service, we attempt to photograph them with the document being served.
In cases of emergency process service (wedding invitations, service of charges filed or other important decisions) we guarantee you a process service attempt right away.

Alongside enforcement of collecting judgments and process serving of court or other documents, we also perform inventories of probate assets and bankrupt's estates, storage of items seized or otherwise acquired, as well as collecting information.